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Oxygen Cannulas

React Health offers both standard and ultra soft cannulas for use with Oxygen Concentrators. Cannulas come in 7', 12' and 25' length options. Sold by the case only (50/cs).

 Standard & Ultra Soft 7' Oxygen CannulaStandard & Ultra Soft 12' Oxygen Cannula
Models of Cannulas

SKU: O2S2007C: Standard 7′ Oxygen Cannula ONLY sold by CASE (50 Qty)

SKU: O2U2007C: Ultra Soft 7′ Oxygen Cannula ONLY sold by CASE (50 Qty)


SKU: O2S2012C: Standard 12′ Oxygen Cannula ONLY sold by CASE (50 Qty)

SKU: O2U2012C: Ultra Soft 12′ Oxygen Cannula ONLY sold by CASE (50 Qty)

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Oxygen Tubing

React Health offers standard Oxygen Tubing in 25' lengths to assist with patient range of mobility in the home.

Qube Nebulizer

Portable and Compact, the Qube is designed to efficiently deliver physician-prescribed medication to the bronchial lung passages.

Qube Nebulizer User Manual

image of Qube

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